[The WALK Around the World] We’ll Always Have Paris: La Famille


[The WALK Around the World] We’ll Always Have Paris: La Famille

La Famille

I’ll just start off and say it: I am honestly obsessed with French children. I don’t know what we Americans are doing wrong, but why aren’t our kids equally adorable and well-behaved?! Here in Paris, the children are just as fashionable as their adult counterparts and, embarrassingly, I’ve been out-styled by French three-year-olds. Also unlike in America, where we are pretty laissez-faire about what our kids wear (if Junior wants to wear his Batman outfit to kindergarten, who are we to stifle his creativity?) in Paris, the children are perfect little counterparts to their parents. If la maman is super-sophisticated, so is l’enfant. If la maman has boho-chic down pat, so does le bébé.

As for this little Parisienne,, the blue glasses are a real statement, and I’m loving all the bright colors! Her brother was sporting the stylish yellow rain jacket, while her mother was wearing a look similar to her son and daughter, but somehow managed to carry her third baby on a pouch on her chest while wearing YSL stilettos…fierce. The same is true of couples; here they tend to look more alike than elsewhere, say Lacoste preppy-chic or trendy hipsters. This couple is the perfect example, as their classic style and refined attitude coordinate perfectly! Parisian style is definitely a family affair.

xoxo Alaina

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