Healthy Drunken Eating

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Healthy Drunken Eating

We’ve all done it, and by that I mean been so drunk, high or simply starving late at night that we ordered a medium Allegros pizza for one, or a bakers dozen of Insomnia cookies or, my personal favorite, eaten a whole pint of ice cream. Whatever your weakness is, when drunk it is oh so hard to say no to all of the unhealthy deliciousness. However hidden within the menus of some of our favorite post party hot spots are some healthy alternatives that will both satisfy your cravings and leave you guilt free the next morning.

Jimmy Johns: Open until 3 am and all the people who work there are super friendly and fun to drunkenly talk to, but be warned if you frequent Jimmy Johns drunk too often going there sober may be a little awkward.

Why its good: Jimmy Johns sandwiches are all around 600 calories or less, especially if you hold the mayo (that alone saves you about 200 calories!)

In general sandwiches are a good option because the bread will help you avoid a hangover the next morning and Jimmy Johns sandwiches are not loaded with delicious but oh so dangerous aoli spreads or fancy toppings that can pack on some serious calories. Jimmy Johns also uses lean sandwich meat or provolone cheese for all of their sandwiches

My personal favorite is the blt with sprouts, avocado and no mayo. Yum!

What to avoid:

The cookies, besides being around 400 calories each, they’re pre-made and not that good.


I know it is hard to believe but if you can look past the Big Mac and extra large fries there are some tasty and healthier options on McD’s menu that are not salads.

Good Choices:

A vanilla ice cream cone: it will satisfy your sweet tooth and comes in at only 150 calories and is low fat. Who knew!

A snack size fruit and walnut salad- brings both the sweetness of fruit and the healthy fats of the walnuts plus some yogurt- and this option is only 210 calories

Any of the grilled chicken sandwiches or snack wraps.

One of their new all fruit smoothies a small is around 210 calories!


Allegros is probably the most popular late night hot sport on campus partly because it is right in the middle of sorority and fraternity row and partly because those huge slices of pizza are so tempting especially when you’ve got the drunchies or munchies.

If you are at Allegros try to avoid those gigantic slices of pizza, oversized calzones and huge servings of pasta.However if you are craving such, try splitting a slice with a friend or instead ordering a side of breadsticks for the table.

Allegros also has a wide array of hot and cold sandwiches to choose from and if you choose wisely some of these can be quite healthy choices.


If you are craving something sweet, get one vanilla ice cream sandwich- this way you will limit yourself to one serving

When ordering your sandwich stick to lean meats or cheese and add lots of vegetables. Turkey is always a good option. Choose a junior or shorti roll over a bagel, ciabatta, flatbread or regular sized hoagie roll as these are smaller.

Avoid a lot of the snacks like mozzarella sticks and stuffed pretzels, the hot sandwiches and flatbreads also tend to be higher in calories and fat because of the added cheeses and sauces.

-Sarah Shults

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