Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween Costume Ideas

Still trying to figure out a Halloween costume? Whether you want to buy a costume or put it together yourself, here are some ideas and pictures for inspiration:

The “Classic” Cat

According to Lindsay Lohan’s description of Halloween in Mean Girls, “the hardcore girls just wore lingerie and some form of animal ears.” If you are feeling a bit “hardcore” yourself, the traditional cat is an unbeatable ensemble. You can even indulge in a little extra candy knowing your all-black costume will keep you looking slim!

The School Girl

Need to put something together fast? Grab a pair of argyle socks from the Gap, pull out those Mary Janes, throw your hair into pigtails and you have the perfect school girl costume. To complete the look, borrow a pleated skirt from that friend who attended a uniformed prep school and add a white collared shirt. Finally, if you take an old pair of glasses, break them in half, and tape them back together, you can easily transform the style from chic to nerd.

The Hippie

If you have always wanted to live in a different decade, Halloween is a great opportunity. Wrap your favorite scarf around your head, throw on a tie-dye shirt, pull out your peace sign jewelry, accessorize with some suede, and welcome to the 60s! In case you’re not feeling the free love, head down to the Ricky’s pop-up store (1428 Walnut Street) and purchase the costume above.

The Vampire

For the Twilight enthusiasts, now is the time to release your inner Bella. With the help of some fangs, a light shade of foundation, and colored contacts your costume is finished. If you want to be a more traditional vampire, black fishnets, a red dress, black boots, some heavy eyeliner, and fake blood will achieve the look.

Mixed Drinks

Looking for a group costume? Have each one of your friends dress up as an alcoholic beverage. One person can be Jack Daniel, another could be Bloody Mary, and a third can be a Grey Goose.

-Mae Hochhauser

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