The WALK Around the World Presents: Bohème in Berlin


The WALK Around the World Presents: Bohème in Berlin

About me:

For the next 10 months, I’ll be living in the most avant-guard corner of Europe: Berlin. Here the bars are candlelit, the clubs are hidden and the people don’t read fashion magazines – although they could definitely write for them. Like the graffiti, Berlin style is individualized. Fashion is a creative process and the people here find inspiration in everything from Karl Lagerfeld to the history beaten streets.

And me? I’m inspired by it all. I believe in living fast, breathing slow, and prefer the view through a frame. This city is going through a period of rebirth –  It’s full of bohemian artists and young dreamers creating their own versions of paradise. I have never been in a place that makes me want to constantly create so much.

When I’m not making my own, I try to capture the Berlin art scene on film. Luckily I’ve spent the last 4 months Interning as a fashion Photographer for Brooklyn-based Bright Young Things (, so i’ve had a summer in NYC to get over the fear of approaching strangers for their picture.

Though I’m sure I’lll be sharing pictures from my travels throughout europe, I love this new city of mine and I’m excited to share its brilliance with you.

Expect great things Philadelphia. I plan to take my camera on the many adventures to come.

Love from Berlin,

Ayasha Guerin

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  1. E.J. Starbuck

    We miss you Ayasha! Good luck on all of your adventures and we expect great things from one of the Brightest Young Things we’ve ever seen.
    Eliza and the Bright Young Things

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