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So Scent-sible!

Think people’s first impressions of you depend solely on your outfit, hair, and makeup? Wrong. One of the strongest factors that leave an impression of you on someone’s mind is beyond what can be seen through our eyes! Scent plays a huge role when leaving a sweet impression on that one boy you’ve been eyeing in your calculus class or leaving a successful impression on your boss for that promotion you’ve been wanting. Not only does it alter what people think of you but it can also alter moods and make you feel extra good about yourself! I like to play with different perfumes and scents to go with my outfit, mood, or occasion; here are some ones I recommend!

Clean and Cool

These scents give you a natural, clean, and just out-of-the-shower feel. They’re light scents that will give you a little bit of edge! They’re easy and convenient because they can be appropriate for any occasion – a light brunch date with your mom, going to classes, or just hanging out with friends during the day.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue

Lancôme’s Miracle

Yves Saint Laurent’s Elle

Philosophy’s Grace

Girly but Sophisticated

The scents under this category is great for first dates, girls night outs, or an important get together like family reunions, a birthday part, etc.! These scents make you feel very pretty and girly but let you give off a very expensive and sophisticated vibe at the same time with their light and flowery scents:

Chanel’s Chance

Juicy Couture’s Peace Love & Juicy Couture

Christian Dior’s Miss Cherie Dior

Versace’s Bright Crystal

Classy and Sophisticated

Have an important business meeting? A job interview? A presentation? These scents will give you the confidence you need to stand up and grab that promotion you want! They also give you a bit of character by showing off your classy side – they’re not musky, fruity, or sweet but have a clean and sophisticated scent:

Chanel No. 5

Chanel’s Coco Chanel


These scents have a very strong and a seductive scent – a spicy, musky, crisp yet naughty scent!. It will definitely make you feel five times sexier in that little black dress you wear on your Friday nights!

Gucci’s Gucci Guilty

Dolce & Gabbana’s Pour Femme (red cap)

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid

Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession

Sweet & Delicious – The name says it all! These scents give off a very delicious and sweet scent – great for cute dates or a nice, relaxing night with your girls!

Aquolina Pink Sugar

DKNY’s Be Delicious

Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy

FAQ: Difference between eau de Perfume and eau de toilette?

The difference between the two is the concentration. Eau de toilette is much lighter and less concentrated than eau de Perfume, which last longer and usually have a stronger scent.


-Bomin Kim

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