Bookstore Item of the Week: Penn Rugby Hood


Bookstore Item of the Week: Penn Rugby Hood

As the weather starts to chill down, thrown on this warm Penn Rugby Hood. Made from pre-shrunk jersey knit fabric, this piece is much more durable and heavy-duty than the normal cotton hood. A twill collar, reinforce patches, heavyweight cotton tape plackets and a reinforcing patch around the neck, make this hood the real deal in athletic wear. It will also add a rough edge to your wardrobe and its the perfect thing to wear around the dorm or drape on for your next sporting event. It comes in two striped styles: gray and blue or white and blue, both of which are neutral enough to wear with almost anything. This signature piece can be yours for $85 in the Bookstore, but you can be assured that the price reflects the durability. This hood is guaranteed to last, even if you decide to run on to the rugby field yourself.

-Robert Franco

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