Best Tees for Your Buck


Best Tees for Your Buck

Do you want to stand out, but don’t want to spend wads of cash in the process?  A t-shirt is a great way to do that, whether it shows off your attitude, your sense of humor, your school pride, or your inner artist.  Layer them over long sleeve tees to look unique and stay warm.  Here’s a couple of cute—and price savvy—suggestions.

1—“Retro Wood” T-Shirt,, $19

2—“Garfield V-neck Tee”, Forever21, $8.80

3—“A Day In The Life”,, $10

4—“Gear Women’s Penn T-shirt”, Penn Bookstore, $19.98

5—“Caught in a Bad Romance”, delia’s, $24.50

6—“Silver Printed V-Neck Tee”, PACSUN, $17.50

7—“Nature Burnout”,, $15.99

–Samantha Merritt

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