Bohème in Berlin: Berlin, Prenzlauerberg, Kopenhagener Strasse


Bohème in Berlin: Berlin, Prenzlauerberg, Kopenhagener Strasse

Photographer: Ayasha Guerin

Once sunday comes around in Berlin, people flock to my corner of Prenzlauer Berg for the Mauerpark Flea Market, where rows and rows of vendors sell everything from delicious Mediterranean delicacies to one of a kind antiques.  Lots of people sit on the grass next to the tents and picnic, but the cafes in the area also crowd – the one in this photo especially. On the way back to my apartment, Alexandra picked up some flowers from florist who sits, every day, on my side of the bridge. She’s wearing a vintage hat from the Mauerpark Flea, a vintage blouse, skirt and denim jacket bought in California, shoes from Spring in Cambridge, MA, and a new bag from H&M. Right before I shot this photo, another artist asked to take a picture… he was doing a project about people on Sundays. I think that’s a sweet idea.

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