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A World of Color

Sick of seeing the same colors lining the shelves of your local nail salon? Or perhaps choosing among all of the colors is just too overwhelming? For those in need of a new color for winter, a remedy is on its way! Katy Perry, known for her singing as well as her outrageous nails, has teamed up with O.P.I to create five new colors scheduled to debut in January. Each color carries the name of one of Perry’s hit songs. The pink and sparkly “Teenage Dream” looks like a definite mood lift for the cold days of winter and the perfect way to embody your inner Perry. In the meantime, for those people who can never decide between eight different shades of pink, check out J Crew’s collection of Essie nail polish. These colors have been carefully selected from the hundreds of Essie colors to match the store’s fall styles. The polishes range from an everyday light pink “Flawless” to a statement making bright red “Lollipop.” While Katy Perry’s colors seem more appropriate for the stylish trendsetter, J Crew’s picks pair perfectly with a more classic look.

-Mae Hochhauser

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