[The WALK Around the World] We’ll Always Have Paris: Rouge


[The WALK Around the World] We’ll Always Have Paris: Rouge

We’ll Always Have Paris

Rouge! (Red!)

I just love red. Everything about it is just so vibrant, so alive. And although I am the proud owner of many red accessories and lipsticks, at some times the color can just be a little…à la Moulin Rouge, and not the Nicole Kidman way. This woman, though, has got it down; the neutral top and bottom perfectly compliment the red bag and shoes but let them shine.  Her pants are also great, a little relaxed and cuffed at the bottom, which is definitely the look this season. (I just wish I had gotten all of her second foot! C’est la vie.)

*Note: She was crossing the street to La Grande Épicerie Paris, which is enough to satisfy any foodie’s wildest fantasies. The most interesting part? The gourmet imports section, which contained such American delicacies as peanut butter, oreos, and boxed mac ‘n cheese. (http://www.lagrandeepicerie.fr/#)

-Alaina Urbahns

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