Weather the Weather in Style With New iPhone App


Weather the Weather in Style With New iPhone App

Are you the type of person who walks outside in 500C weather wearing shorts and a tank top because it looked sunny out? Well worry no more because now there’s an app for you. 2008 Penn Alum Howard Singer has just created a new app called Wearcast. Once you download Wearcast, you put in your personal information, like gender, height and weight, and your location. Then the app generates a five -day “fashion forecast” for you. It shows the day, the weather forecast, and an outfit. If your planning on going on vacation somewhere, you can type it in get a plan for that too! With outfits designed by Alejandro Cardenas, Proenza Schouler’s Art Director, and an algorithm developed by CBS Early Show meteorologist, Lonnie Quinn, the app is as much fashionable as it is functional. For just $1.99, you’ll never have to stress about what to wear for the weather again!

To see a walk-through of the app, please visit or watch the video at

The app can also be found here on the app store:

Maja Warrum

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