[The WALK Around the World] Rome – the Real Runway: Timeless Beauty


[The WALK Around the World] Rome – the Real Runway: Timeless Beauty

My senses have become attuned to Rome. While vision is indispensable to keeping this blog, I have been relying more often than not on my hearing. The delicate sound of cappuccino cups clinking. The engine of a Vespa as it parades around a corner. But the best noise of all is the sound of heels pattering against the cobblestone roads. On any side of me, I can find a woman who is dressed to impress – but to impress herself. While the mere sound of the heel does not reveal the woman’s age, I can assume one thing before whirling around to take a look: she knows how to dress. And then it hit me that here on the fashionable streets of Rome, age ain’t nothing but a number.

The little girls, teenage beauties and grandmothers don’t dress for the men; each dresses to cater to her own individuality. Confidence is the key ingredient to good taste. Dressing age appropriate is expected here without sacrificing personal creativity or courage. In Rome, conservative is not confined to older women and flashing flesh is, simply put, a fashion don’t. I take these photos as these women are on their way to do something, but that something remains a mystery. And that’s the beauty of Italian fashion: these women don’t dress for a purpose, but rather for a sense of pride in their 20s, 30s…and even 60s and up. So I tried to seize each stylish moment for you all to show that years only give us more time for these divas to dress up.

-Jordyn Shaffer

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