The WALK Around the World Presents: We’ll Always Have Paris


The WALK Around the World Presents: We’ll Always Have Paris

We’ll Always Have Paris

About Me

I’m a junior at Penn studying abroad in Paris as an exchange student. At Penn, I study Romance Languages, specializing in French, Spanish, and Italian (don’t ask me what I’m going to do with it when I graduate—I have no clue!) I also love fashion, as cliché as that sounds, and worked at Calvin Klein in New York this summer as an intern. Here in Paris, I was inspired by the Satorialist ( to try to capture the beauty and style of this amazing city, one picture at a time. I’ll do my best to include as many different looks as I can, not just the ones that are my personal taste. As I’m just starting out blogging, all suggestions are welcome!

September 20: Rainy Day in Paris

How is it they look so stylish even when it’s pouring rain and freezing? No sweatpants here, but a classic trench seems to be a staple for both genders of any age. Don’t you love this man’s layered look and sophisticated air? The woman with her son, though, is my favorite. Growing up, my mom would haul us to school in our family minivan wearing $5 sweatpants while I ate McDonald’s breakfast in the front seat. On the other end of this spectrum, this woman’s classic style for such a basic, daily task personifies Parisian elegance.

*Note: these photos were taken in the Palais-Royal, across from the Louvre, which is a breathtaking building. Check it out! (

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