The WALK Around the World Presents: London Calling


The WALK Around the World Presents: London Calling

London Calling

What do you think of when you think of London?

Sexy accents? The Queen? High tea? The Beatles?

Well if you’re like me, first you think of Jude Law, and then you think FASHION. London fashion is the most unique in the world, in my opinion. Yes, I know, there’s New York, Paris, and Rome. But, I don’t believe any city has such edgy and risk-taking fashion as does London. You walk down the streets of this city and you are constantly surprised and intrigued by what people are wearing. No one is the same, and everyone is confident. That’s why I love London—fashion is alive and on fire.

Now who am I? I’m Hannah Bender, 20 years old and studying abroad this semester in none other than the great city of bangers and mash, loos and queues, and guards who you can’t make laugh (trust me, I’ve tried). London called me. I decided to join the highly esteemed crew of fashion bloggers for the Walk this semester for a very simple reason. I am addicted to fashion. Now, let me explain that I’m not your average fashion junkie. I read US Weekly far more regularly than I do Vogue or Elle, and I frequent Perez more than Who What Wear. I don’t obsess over designers and trends, shows and lines. What I am obsessed with is shopping, much to the chagrin of my father. I cherish the ability to find something I need to have and know will look fantastic on me, and then rock it. The thrill is in knowing I bought something that was, essentially, destined for me. And, I think that is what London fashion is about. The girls here don’t wear what’s “in”. They don’t think in terms of last season or out of style. They simply think “is this for me?” I think we could all do with a bit of that attitude.

So with this blog I hope to show off girls I think have style, looks I’m inspired by and that I may or may not intend to copy, as well as fashion moments that deserve chronicling. Hope you get as addicted as I do.

– Hannah Bender, Class of 2012


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    The writing is superior. The insight is unique. The opinion is honest. The personality is cheerful.

    Live life.

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