Adolf Biecker OPEN on Penn’s Campus!

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Adolf Biecker OPEN on Penn’s Campus!

On 34th and Walnut the doors to the upscale salon are open! The anticipated salon officially welcomed customers the second week of September. The salon houses stylists specializing in cutting, blowing, and coloring hair. Other treatments include manicures, pedicures, and waxes.  Adolf Biecker is an upscale salon located in the lobby of the Rhittenhouse Hotel. The main difference between the two salons is that the  downtown one offers massage therapy. There are six Biecker salons around the Philadelphia area, and three Aveda training schools.

Besides the hair aspects, the defining factor of the salon is theprofessional and soothing atmosphere. Bieker salons strive to give cliental a relaxing experience. With a blowout comes a scalp and palm massage.

Owner of Adolf Biecker Salons, Sam Lehman, strolls in often. He created this salon, calls the newest project “his baby.” He checks in often to assess the environment among stylists and clientele. Below is our one-on-one interview with Owner of Adolf Biecker Salons, Sam Lehman.

What prompted the addition of a new salon to a college campus?

Lehman: Biecker has six different locations around the Philadelphia area. We pull stylists who graduated from  our Jean Madeline training schools. There are three schools. The school actually prompted Biecker to come to campus. It is a natural fit.

Is there a history of your salons and schools on Penn’s campus?

Yes. Students on campus may be familiar with the Aveda Institute on 40th and Chestnut. However, Biecker salon used to be on campus about twenty-two years ago, called “Metro Salon.”

How did it differ from Biecker?

Metro Salon was walk-in appointment only and was less expensive. It stayed open on campus for ten years. The facility was very small. The space is now occupied by Naked Chocolate.

How does the Jean Madeline Institute correlate with Adolf Biecker?

Jean Madeline is the training school for Aveda. Stylists graduate after a one or two year program, along with other training. They can then work their way up to work in a Biecker salon. We only hire stylists who graduated from Jean Madeline. Our program ensures quality training and rigorous curriculm. Once you graduate the school, you can join the Biecker company.

Sam Lehman himself was a hairdresser who now oversees and owns the Adolf Biecker salons. This particular salon draws many  students, hospital staff, and faculty from UPenn. Wesely Wei, an Award-winning Architecht  in Philadelphia, designed the Biecker salon. He created a serene environment for Biecker customers to get a spa-like experience.

– Nikki Pepperman

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