Stem Cells for Skin Care: The Juicy New Breakthrough

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Stem Cells for Skin Care: The Juicy New Breakthrough

Looking for a way to keep your skin fresh, clear, and juicy? Scientists have been working with stems cells from a rare Swiss apple called the Uttweiler Spatluber to create new anti-aging and skin protection formulas. As most people know, the skin is a living organ consisting of thousands of cells. These cells are constantly dying and regenerating themselves. In order to do so, a “cell lineage”, similar to a family tree, must be established. The stem cell is the trunk of this tree. It gives rise to several other more specialized cells which perform various functions in the skin. However, each stem cell has a limited number of regeneration cycles. As a person ages, the number of stem cells decrease, making it more difficult for skin to recover from damage. Plant stem cells, unlike human stem cells, are able to differentiate into new stem cells. In order to explore this quality, scientists have been extracting parts from the Uttweiler Spatluber apple and making small wounds to stimulate the stem cell growth. They have found that these cells are able to stimulate stem cell growth in human skin and protect the cells from death due to UV exposure.  So if the solution is so simple, why haven’t all lotions and anti-aging creams embraced this new ingredient? While the findings are promising, the apple is rare and on the endangered species list. Also, testing is still in the beginning stages. The good news is that they are one step closer to making us stay beautiful longer!

Maja Warrum

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