Vacation? Not from Fitness!

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Vacation? Not from Fitness!

Summer is a great time to go on vacation, but that’s no excuse to let your fitness take a break as well. If you are looking for a holiday away from your regular workout, there are tons of fun, easy activities to try out on vacation no matter you destination.


Whether your roughing it out in a tent or relaxing at a local lodge, mountain retreats provide opportunities to get in touch with your adventurous side. Weight-lifter inside? Rock climbing and kayaking will burn your arms like no shoulder press ever has. Looking for more of a cardio workout? Biking and hiking are excellent ways to see the sights and get your heart pumping. Be safe, though. Many of these activities can be dangerous if certain precautions aren’t taken. Never go by yourself and be sure to dress appropriately. Also, it’s a good idea to have plenty of water with you in case you get lost or stranded anywhere.


Hitting the beach? Well hit the ground running! Jogging on sand can be an interesting alternative to your traditional jaunt. Not only will you be provided with some beautiful scenery along the way, running on sand works leg muscles differently than running on regular ground. More of a swimmer? Take scuba diving lessons. This activity will burn calories while opening your eyes to an unseen underwater world. If you are really searching for a new experience, try parasailing. You’ll be on such an adrenaline rush you won’t even remember that you’re exercising! As in every high risk activity, be sure to have the proper instructions or guides before beginning an excursion like this.


Just because there’s no ocean doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in water. Freshwater sports like wake boarding, water skiing, and tubing are all exciting and exhilarating activities that really give your body a good workout. Holding that rope tight uses arm muscles, and balancing on the board or skis tautens your core. You’ll wonder why you are so sore the next day! However, no matter how good of a swimmer you are, always wear a life jacket.

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