Upcoming Events at Joan Shepp


Upcoming Events at Joan Shepp

Ready to start shopping for your fabulous fall look? Now’s the time to start planning. Joan Shepp, located at 1616 Walnut downtown Philly, will be hosting tons of great events as the summer comes winds down.

August 11: Ports 1961

Ports 1961, designed by Tia Cibani, is a brand for any modern women who wants a classic and feminine look. Each piece from the collection is expertly tailored and constructed to create beautiful silhouettes that are a dream to wear. The entire collection pays close attention to detail and handwork that makes each and every item completely luxurious.

Join us for this exciting in store event to preview the newest collection from Ports 1961 and shop the current Fall/Winter Collection. The collection is fun and fabulous this season with an incredible color pallet, amazing fabrics and the best shapes of the season.

The event will be from 11am-8pm, we will feature in store modeling and you can meet Mary Valentino, our sales representative, who will be joining us for the day!

August 18: Donna Degnan

The Donna Degnan collection is a modern take on fashion that caters to a woman’s attitude rather than a particular age. Each season, the collection is designed to anticipate and incorporate the ever-changing fashion trends, without compromising the foundations of classic style that her lifelong muses; her mother and Audrey Hepburn, inspires within her.

We will be having a casual breakfast accompanied by Donna Degnan herself and their amazing sales representative, Rick Yaure! Join us to pre view the newest samples available for pre-order and shop the current collection in store.

September 15: Sonia Rykiel & Sonia by Sonia Rykiel

Designing out of necessity! This is the concept that has fueled the Sonia Rykiel collection from the beginning. Specializing in designer knitwear, her trademark design is the Sonia Rykiel skinny sweater with raised armholes in distinctive colors and striped patterns. Since 1964, she was been nicknamed the Queen of Knitwear and forty years later, she still holds that title. The Sonia Rykiel collection is consistently chic and always has a classic French fashion flair.

We will be having an in store presentation featuring the newest collections from Sonia Rykiel and Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, designed by Sonia’s daughter Nathalie Rykiel.

Event will be all day from 11am-8pm. Join us to shop the chic collections, preview the newest styles and even pre-order from the selections of samples for spring.

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