How to Survive the Summer Clearance Sales


How to Survive the Summer Clearance Sales

End-of-Summer Clearance? But it’s not even July! While this seems ridiculous, the time has come to scour the racks for the best deals on sandals, tank tops, shorts, and swim suits. Even though school doesn’t start until August, most stores begin preparing for the chaotic season at the beginning July. And though you may be tempted to blow all that hard earned cash from your summer job in one afternoon, you should really think twice before dishing out all your dough. We’ve prepared a little guide to help you successfully navigate the seductive summer sale labrynth  and come out with money left to spend in the fall.

DO stock up on basic like boy tanks, tshirts, and flip flops. These are great because they never go out of style and you know you will wear them all next year.

DON’T buy tons of tshirts and tank tops that you don’t need. For example, if you already have three white tshirts, that is probably enough. Save your money for a new trendy item you may not have otherwise bought.

DO be on the look-out for swimsuit sales. Like the tanks and tees, swim suits generally don’t really go out of style every year. To make a safe bet though, look for plain colors and classic cuts that flatter your body.

DON’T buy swimsuits that don’t match, don’t fit, or have a piece of it missing. It’s very hard to mix and match swimsuit pieces, especially if the two pieces come from different brands. If you can’t find a well-fitted one you like, hold out and save your money until you do.

DO try to pick up classic summer pieces like well-cut sundresses and leather sandals. Once again, forgo the trendier colors and prints in order to make the item as versatile and lasting as possible.

DON’T buy lots of fad pieces such as rompers and bandeau bra tops. Even if they are really cheap, save the money you would spend on three trend items  to splurge on something great in the fall. If you can’t resist, try to limit your purchases to one you can’t live without!

DO create a budget for yourself before hitting the mall. Even though all these summer clothes look great now, in a few months you’ll be dying for a new pair of jeans or boots. So, plan out how much you really want to spend and then save the rest for fall.

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