Climb Time

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Climb Time

Are you a fan of rock climbing but have no place or time to go? Now there’s a way to get the same feeling of rock climbing at your local gym. The Treadwall is a freestanding climbing wall that rotates as you climb it, similar to how a treadmill rotates when you run. This machine allows you to adjust both the speed and the angle that the track moves, creating a great cross training tool. For an awesome arm exercise, crank up the angle to +12. Then turn it back down to -12 to work your core, hips, and legs. This piece of equipment can also function as a cardio machine. Keep the speed on a slow, steady pace, and keep climbing as you would walking on a treadmill or riding on a bike to get your heart rate going. Even though the experience is not quite the same as being outside in the woods, the Treadwall still provides an intense and unique alternative to your normal workout. Maybe you can convince your gym to put it a special room and decorate it like the great outdoors!

Maja Warrum

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