Trunk Club: The No-Stop Shop For Men


Trunk Club: The No-Stop Shop For Men

If you frequent the WALK website you are most likely an ardent shopaholic. You walk into a store and the grinning sales people shift positions as if you’re a big-hitter stepping up to bat and they, outfielders bracing themselves for your swing. Perhaps you salivate at the mention of a sale, have a close personal relationship your local shop owner, and even sport strong wrist muscles from all of the credit card swiping you are more than happy to do. Sadly, however, not everybody shares the passion we recognize and adore in our readers. And these shopa-hate-ics desperately need our help. Who are these people? To put it simply: men.

For those who cringe at the prospect of hours at the mall, aren’t sure of what to purchase, or simply don’t have the time to shop, there is a solution and its called This new initiative is the no-stop shop for men in the know. One need only tell those geniuses at Trunk Club what clothing they need “I need clothes for the summer” or “I need shirts for work” to receive an assortment of options. No need to scroll through endless arrays of pants that all seem to look the same or waste time wondering what is appropriate for a certain event. The personal shoppers at Trunk Club do that for you. Shoppers (if you can even call them that) are assigned an expert stylist that gets to know their needs. This stylist selects clothing based on a brief virtual consultation and doesn’t even charge for their time and expertise. Customers pay only for the clothing itself, at the same price offered in department stores. Trunk Club then ships a few outfit options drawn from the best men’s fashion labels (free of shipping charge) and let the shopper keep what they want and send the rest back (again free of charge)! What could possibly be easier?

For those of us that get a hearty adrenaline rush from the scent of newly pressed suits and the touch of this season’s soft leather bomber jacket, the department stores will always be a godsend. However, for our slovenly dressed boyfriends our busy fathers and lazy friends two words will inevitably be life altering: Trunk Club.

And if you don’t believe me, check out this promotional video. Or better yet, check out the site yourself and spread the word!

By Jessica Penzias

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