The Skinny on Bobby’s Burger Palace: Eating Right at the Newest Food Attraction on Campus

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The Skinny on Bobby’s Burger Palace: Eating Right at the Newest Food Attraction on Campus

Let’s face it. When it comes to food, burgers don’t exactly top the healthy cuisine list. Ground beef is high in calories as well as saturated fat and cholesterol—and that’s before you start adding toppings such as cheese or sauces. But try telling that to my stomach upon the opening of Bobby’s Burger Palace, Food Network celeb Bobby Flay’s latest restaurant.  When I heard it featured 10 delicious burger choices, it seemed that eating healthy was not going to be possible.

However, even when indulging, there are ways to keep both your taste buds and your health happy.  Here are six easy tips to help you get the most out of your Bobby’s Burger Palace experience, without totally throwing out the healthy eating handbook:

  1. Hold the Cheese: Sure, cheese is an integral ingredient in all of Bobby’s burger creations, and since the options are not your typical burger fare (goat cheese or blue cheese, anyone?), it’s tempting to let loose. However, if you’re watching your diet, then cheese should be the first ingredient to go.  Cheeses are very high in saturated fat (a slice of cheddar cheese has almost 6 grams!), and add lots of unnecessary calories.  Save yourself the calories, and ask for your burger without cheese.  Your arteries will thank you some day.
  2. Go Topless: BBP offers the great option of a Topless Burger Salad, in which the same burger is on a bed of mixed greens instead of on a bun.  Even if you don’t believe in the benefits of a low carb, South Beach-style diet, consider this: each burger bun is covered in sesame seeds, a secret diet killer. Though sesame seeds are great for you in small doses since they’re high in protein, they are also very high in calories. Don’t let the sesame seeds on your burger bun ruin your eating habits.
  3. Stick to White Meat: Any of BBP’s burgers can be made with ground turkey or with chicken breast instead of ground beef.  It’s an easy (and delicious!) way to make your BBP experience a little healthier. The average turkey burger has about half the grams of fat as the average beef burger, while chicken breast has about a third of the fat as a turkey burger.  By going for lean meats instead of beef, you’ll be eating healthier, without having to sacrifice taste.
  4. Don’t Crunchify: Though Bobby’s Burger Palace’s menu boasts that any burger can be crunchified (aka putting potato chips inside the burger for added crunch), a conscious eater should skip this step.  A little bit of potato chips can add up to a lot of unnecessary saturated fat and simple carbohydrates.
  5. Say No to Spiking: BBP offers many delicious milkshakes, including three varieties that come spiked with your choice of bourbon, rum or vodka. However, be warned: by adding alcohol to your milkshake, your making this already high calorie, high sugar drink even more of a diet don’t.  Each shake has two shots of alcohol in it, for an average of 200 extra calories. Save the drinking for a frat party, and skip out on the alcohol.
  6. Share the Wealth: The most delicious offering at Bobby’s Burger Palace has got to be its sweet potato fries.  The regular fries and onion rings are pretty average, but the sweet potato fries and accompanying Honey Mustard Horseradish Sauce are unparalleled. Make sure to order this delicious side dish, but don’t go at it alone! By sharing these with a friend (or a few friends), you’ll still get to taste this savory dish, without going totally overboard.

By Stephanie Ghitis


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