The Best Products for Whitening Teeth

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The Best Products for Whitening Teeth

Everyone notices different features when they first meet someone.  My best friend glares at biceps, my mom notices eye color, but I notice teeth.  A person’s smile is the first thing I see when I am introduced, and whiteness is a very important factor.  While most people are concentrated on a jacked and tan figure for the summer, I focus on teeth whitening.

There are a multitude of products out there; how could you possibly pick one? I’ve narrowed down the choices to the most convenient and efficient products.

If you’re pressed for time: Formal is rapidly approaching, and you want white teeth now.  I would go for the Crest Advanced Seal or Rembrandt 2 Hour , depending on how much time you have.  The Advanced Seal are my personal favorite because you can drink water, and actually speak when you have them on.  They only require half an hour, once a day, for 14 days.  This is very doable while you’re Facebook creeping.  They are $44.99 and you can buy them at the CVS on campus.  If you’re really pressed for time, Rembrandt has a 2 Hour Whitening product.  The reviews claim that the trays are a bit uncomfortable, but that the results were definitely noticeable.  These timely treatments are only $18.99.  Although they don’t produce dramatically different results, they are a great option for procrastinators.

If you want your teeth to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building: If you are looking for optimum whitening and timing and cost aren’t an issue, go for  Crest Whitestrips Supreme.  These strips contain the strongest concentration of whitening available on any white strip, of any brand.  They need to be worn for 30 minutes, twice a day, for 21 days.  The strips are thinner and longer than every before, which means they cover more of your mouth and are more comfortable. They are $52.45 and are also sold at most drugstores.

The downside: The one side effect of the Crest treatments is tooth sensitivity.  About a third of users experience this, but it will fade day by day.  If tooth sensitivity scares you, shy away from the Crest products and start exploring other options.

If you value convenience: Celebrities like Uma Thurman and Christina Applegate are big fans of GoSmile.  GoSmile works in just seven days and is by far the handiest treatment.  It comes in “ampoules,” which are tiny tubes that you can throw in your purse.  You apply GoSmile twice a day, for only seven days, and you cannot eat or drink up to twenty minutes after use.  The GoSmile Whitening Systems also comes with Daily Whitening Maintenance Products to maintain your smile well into the summer months.  It is pricier than the other systems, with its cheapest kit costing $69.99.  They are available online at  But hey, if Uma and Christina like it, it has to be good.

The great thing about whitening treatment is that there isn’t really a bad one.  Most treatments out there work effectively, so it’s just a matter of which one is more suited to your lifestyle.  Happy whitening!

By Janey Goldberg

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