Meet the Models of the Walk: Chloe Brandon


Meet the Models of the Walk: Chloe Brandon

Name: Chloe Brandon

Year: 2010

Major: Anthropology, (Human Biology concentration,) Biology minor

Hometown: Paradise Valley, Arizona

What is the worst part of being one of the most statuesque people at Penn?

Having people walk on your face because there is a banner with a picture of you on the ground of Locust Walk.

How glamorous is the life of a “Reliquary” model?

Very! Having your hair and makeup done professionally is superchouette.

If you could strut your stuff to any music you wanted, what would be on the playlist?

“Boots and Boys” – Kesha. Pretty much sums up my life.

How do you maintain that top-model physique?

Yoga and taking my friends’ dogs for a run.

What’s your favorite food?

Marshmallow Peeps and Cadbury Eggs

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

The Rachel Zoe Project.

Describe your perfect date.

A picnic by the river with champagne on a sunny day.

What is the way to your heart?

A big smile.

Are you involved in any clubs or associations at Penn?

I’m the president of the Penn Pre Vet Association, and I’m going to vet school next year.

Do you have any athletic prowess? If so, please explain.

I was captain of my high school basketball and softball teams. Also, I’m kind of a yoga star.

Photo by Kari Marton-Rollins

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