Meet the Models of the Walk: Blaine Beshah


Meet the Models of the Walk: Blaine Beshah

Name: Blaine Beshah

Year: 2011

Major: Communication

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

What is the best part of being one of the most statuesque people at Penn?

Wearing 5.5″ heels.

Are there any backstage secrets you’re willing to dish?

There is more chaos than you could imagine (but we pull it off!)

How do you calm your nerves before you strut down the runway? No time for nerves, there’s barely enough time to change.

If you could strut your stuff to any music you wanted, what would be on the playlist?

Almost anything by Shiny Toy Guns.

How do you maintain that top-model physique?

By avoiding Pottruck and eating whatever I want.

Photo by Kari Marton-Rollins

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