Fling Photo Diary: Penn partied in style!


Fling Photo Diary: Penn partied in style!

Flinging is no excuse for not looking and dressing your cutest, especially for these Penn fashionistas we took snapshots of for our photo diary.  Girls celebrated the occasion and the arrival of spring (what rain during the concert? we’re still in denial) with their best spring dresses, classic white tops, and strappy sandals. The hipster partygoers at Coachella, which coincidentally also happened this weekend, got nothing on us Penn students when it comes to party attire. Whether you end up a hot mess at the end of the day is a different story… but at least you looked hot getting there!

-Iris You ’13

All Photos by Sam Perelman

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  1. Ricky

    This is probably the most hideous thing I have ever seen, and I am gay (so that makes it especially true) 🙂

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