D2S Spring Fashion Show 2010: Reliquary at the Penn Museum


D2S Spring Fashion Show 2010: Reliquary at the Penn Museum

On April 3rd, D2S hosted its annual Spring Fashion Show, this year titled “Reliquary,” at the Penn Museum- with two sold-out showing at 6pm and 8pm, the  shows were pulled off with great flair. This year’s program boasted perhaps the largest crew in its history and the most students directly involved- 22 models, 22 student designers, 9 Philadelphia boutiques, and a large backstage crew- the scene was chaotic backstage as the runway presentation went smoothly. Some students were involved in several facets of the show- Jeana Kolson ’10, a four-year veteran of the show, and Blaine Beshah ’11, model coordinator, also walked the runway in their own designs.

Brands and boutiques including Commonwealth Proper, SA VA, and Sugarcube, among many others, provided the professional apparel, while student designers referenced everything from Foucalt’s Madness and Civilization, Ferris Bueller- style Americana, to the 1960s in their three-to-four piece mini-collections. The student collections explored the entire color spectrum from subdued neutral tones to jet black and neon shocks, paired with varying textures like silks, cottons, and suede. Designers also played with hem lines from sweeping floor-length gowns to ultra-high minis and employed various silhouettes, including an architectural-esque dress, angular cut-off tops, and body-hugging shapes.

The show took its name, Reliquary, from its culturally rich surroundings; as the program explained, “the show [channels] the archetypal themes throughout the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum: legacies of militant conquest and a devotion to spirituality.” With the show set in the hall of the Upper Egyptian Galleries, the museum’s hallowed aura and contents inspired everything from the theme to the makeup and hair. Models wore Egyptian-esque kohl-rimmed eyes that accentuated their sky high ponytails and braided buns sheat in long bangs cut into helmet-like angles- the effect was tough, warrior chic.  The makeup was provided by professional MAC make-up artists and Studio CL provided the striking hairstyling. Keeping with the eclectic mix of ancient and modern elements, the DJ blasted every type of musical genre from classical string instruments remixed with heavy beats to Phoenix songs and electro music.

In a rare moment of calm before the second show, Jeana Kolson (this show being her last,) gave a pep talk and thanked all the models and backstage crew gathered backstage, calling her 4-year experience with the show “wonderful” and offering advice to younger D2s members: “This experience [with D2S] could be life-changing, or it could be just a really fun thing to be involved in.” John Berweiler, fashion director and the main man in charge of the entire show, shared his enthusiasm as well, saying,“ This absolutely amazing experience affords me an opportunity as director to develop creative control, to have a vision and figure out how to execute it, while also helping other students who aren’t design majors realize their creative ideas. It’s a nine month long process and tonight is really the birth of everything we’ve worked on for so long.”

For more photos of the show, behind-the-scenes coverage, and exclusive photos and video interviews with model and crew, check back at the site soon!

Iris You ‘13

All photos by Kari Marton-Rollins


  1. wawa lover

    Words can’t describe how impressive this show was. I can’t believe it was all done by Penn students.

  2. K Butler

    Wonderful pictures…Can we see who the student designers are..and interviews with them and their designs? thank you

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