Looking for Nutrition? Look no Farther than the Food Carts on Spruce!

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Looking for Nutrition? Look no Farther than the Food Carts on Spruce!

Have an extra five-dollar bill? That can get you far if you find yourself on Spruce Street with an appetite. If you’re craving a healthy meal, look no farther! The array of food carts can do the trick. Here is your guide to my favorite three food carts:

1. Lyns – This is a crucial stop before those early morning classes. Lyns shows their true dedication by opening at 6 AM each morning! I recommend the breakfast wrap. Order an egg white omelet with your choice of cheese, and a variety of vegetables. Add some salt and pepper and you’re good to go. If you’re staying for lunch, try the grilled chicken wrap with either honey mustard or teriyaki sauce. You can even heat up this delicious option and add swiss cheese, spinach, onions, and mushrooms.

2. Magic Carpet- This cart sports delicious Mediterranean Vegetarian Cuisine. Magic Carpet is open for lunch. You can spot this cart easily due to the long line leading up to it. The food is certainly worth the wait!  Try any combo of meals, from a salad, to stuffed pita, or soup. And if you’re on campus on a Friday, come before 12 and pick up the Friday special (The veggie burger in a pita stuffed with lettuce, tomato, onions and dressed with Thousand Island). But hurry! It sells out fast. Any other day, try the veggie chili, baked tofu, or Sloppy Jason (Veggie meatballs in a pita).

3. LeAnh’s- Don’t underestimate this Chinese Food Cart, open until 9 PM. If you do not have time to wait at Beijing, this Penn staple will certainly do the trick. For lunch or dinner try the steamed vegetables with chicken or tofu. Add teriyaki, soy, or black bean sauce on top. Get a side of brown rice or vegetable soup to complete this surprisingly nutritious meal.

You could actually stay all day on Spruce and find every healthful meal conveniently 3 steps from the next!

By Nikki Pepperman

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