Affordable Fashion: Ballet Flats


Affordable Fashion: Ballet Flats

I have done the impossible.  If any brand can be counted on to create the perfect ballet flat, it’s the designers at Bloch.  I did ballet for 12 years, and Bloch shoes were always my personal favorite – when I heard they had branched from dance shoes into real footwear, I scoured the internet and came across these babies.  I present: the perfect black ballet flat, for the reasonable price of $125.  You’re welcome.

If you’re looking for a flat with a little more pizzazz, check out one of these options. Ballet flats have evolved from spring/summer trend into a staple for every girl’s wardrobe.  From walking to class (if it ever gets warm in Philly) to walking the halls of your fabulous summer internship, a great pair of flats will give you a cute option when you’re on your feet too much to wear high heels.

(1)- For a supercute spring option, check out these elasticized flats by Kate Spade. Complete with ruffle detail at the toe, you won’t find a girlier option (especially if you order them in pink!!).   And at $60, they’re a complete steal!! Kate Spade, $60

(2)- If you’re really looking for some pop, these sequined flats by Beverly Feldman will give your outfit some serious punch.  $160 at Zappos.

(3)- DVF combines details on the heel, texture with the suede, and pops of color to give you the ultimate flat.  $199 at Zappos.

(4)- If you’re not in the mood for a super girly shoe, these Dolce Vita grommet flats will give you the comfort of a flat without the saccharine image that accompanies them. $91 at Bluefly.

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