What’s Happening at Houston Market

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What’s Happening at Houston Market

Houston Hall’s Market is a place where you can find food to satisfy any college student’s appetite. If you’re looking for a little snack as you’re sprinting to your next class, grab a fruit cup or Pop Chips (only 100 Calories). Sabra’s convenient “ToGo” packs, consisting of hummus and pretzels, are also perfect when you’re on the run (although they could use a few more pretzels). When you’re ready for a delicious and healthy lunch, Houston’s salad bar is the spot to go to. For a mere $5.50, you can choose your lettuce, toppings, and dressing. To make your diet balanced, add proteins such as chicken, tofu, and steak for only a $1.50. If you’re looking for a taste of Italy, hit Houston Market’s pasta bar. You can even make your pasta nutritional by adding meat and vegetables. Couple your pasta with an apple and one of Houston’s various drinks and make your meal complete. And who could forget the Houston Grill? Of course, you can find your normal grilled junk foods here like fries, hamburgers, and Philadelphia’s famous cheesesteaks. Those looking for a nutritious meal, though, can find what they want as well. Ask the chefs to cook you a piece of grilled chicken. You can pair this with one of the pre-made salads to finalize your meal. When you’re craving sushi, Sushi Do can satisfy your taste buds. And even more, they have sushi with brown rice. The opportunities for healthy food are endless at Houston. So, bring you’re PennCard and grab some grub!

Jackie Chayet

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