The WORST of the Grammy Red Carpet

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The WORST of the Grammy Red Carpet

It was a great night at the Grammy’s. Wonderful performances (including a tribute to Michael Jackson), well-deserved awards, and the beautiful spectacle that is the Red Carpet. That is, it was a great night, with a few exceptions. Below are our LEAST favorite looks of the night.

1. Lady Gaga- Now before anyone gets angry, can you truly defend her hair and make-up? Yes, I understand that she creates her own fashion, and she is an “artist,” but come on, you can see her wigline a little too clearly. The dark eyebrows, the heavily done eyes, AND the bright pink lipstick combined just says, “trying to do way too much at once.” And it doesn’t even go with her unique dress. Oh, Gaga.

2. Miley Cyrus- Her dark blue Hervé Léger by Max Azria dress is very cute, but those hair extensions—WAY TOO LONG. Her hair looks so limp, and had it been a few inches shorter with a little more bounce, Miley would have looked amazing.  And her make-up is so…blah. Where’s the fun-loving Miley we know? She’s 17, not 80.

3. Ke$ha- While looking at her, only one word comes to my mind—COMB. Seriously, would it have killed her to brush or comb her overly-frizzy hair? Apparently. And her makeup: if I didn’t know any better, I’d say she just stuck her palms in glittery eyeshadow and then smeared it all over her face. Her whole outfit is horrid.  Shame on you, Ke$ha.

Who were your best and worst picks for the night? Leave your comments below!

By Siede Coleman

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  1. Rachel

    Ew. GAGA needs to calm down!!! Taylor Swift was my favorite look of the night she should take a leaf out of Swift’s book and get some style!

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