The Fast and the Fit: Navigating Fro-Gro

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The Fast and the Fit: Navigating Fro-Gro

Navigating FroGro for healthy and fresh snack items can be done in under 10 minutes if you know exactly where to search. In general, supermarkets tend to line their perimeters with the healthiest items they offer. Foods dense in calories and sugar tend to be toward the middle. In terms of fresh produce, always examine what you are buying before you purchase it, and choose from the back. Supermarkets place the older items up front so they can get rid of them before expiration.

Here are a few of my favorite healthy items that are readily accessible at our favorite on-campus grocery store:

  1. Egg Whites: Separating the white from the yolk can get messy. Egg whites contain no cholesterol and are only 30 calories per serving. Now Egg whites come in a container for $3.85, with 8 servings inside. So all you need do is spray a pan with oil or pam, and pour away! Cut up your favorite veggies and you got yourself a delicious, home-made omelet.
  2. Cool Whip: A fat free whipped topping, with a consistency fluffier and thicker than whipped cream (minus the calories!) Replace vanilla ice cream with Cool Whip and put atop a Hot Chocolate. If you are feeling healthy, pair up with fresh blueberries and strawberries. Two spoonfuls contain 15 calories. This functions as a great alternative to any dessert. Containers are $2.59 and come in non-dairy, extra-creamy, and chocolate options.
  3. Salsa: Even if you do not like your foods muy caliente, salsa comes in a variety of sweet flavors like pineapple and mango. Typically two servings have 15 calories. Pair with baked chips, carrot slices, or atop a salad for some tangy food options. Price depends on brand and flavor, from $3-5.
  4. PopChips: A recent addition to Fro Gro, these crackers are similar to a rice cake. Made from grains, they are crunchy and contain only 16 calories per chip. Break up into pieces to put into a yogurt parfait, or spread with butter or jam for a light bite on the way out the door.  2 bags sell for $5.

Or for protein sources…

  1. Sliced meats: Right by the deli are a variety of sliced turkey, ham, and chicken. If you don’t feel like waiting in the line to get meat cut, this is a fast grab. Place on a sandwich and you are all set to go. Price varies depending on the weight/lb.
  2. Boca Burgers: These vegetarian burgers are made from grains, soy, and veggies. They are light, and (when paired with a bun) taste like actual hamburgers. They are also easily microwavable. They contain 13 g of protein each (whoa!) and 5g of fiber.

By Nikki Pepperman

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