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Spinning At Pottruck

“Wait, I will seriously fight him. He totally just cut everyone in line,” declares a fellow spinner as we are slowly admitted into Nina’s spin class. A line containing more jumpy, anxious people than bikes in the studio had formed over 30 minutes prior to the scheduled class start. In fact, I almost considered giving up my spot in line to go elliptical in a less uptight atmosphere. Boy, am I glad that I didn’t.

If you’re looking for an entertaining cardiovascular workout where your heart rate is continuously in the high end of your Aerobic Zone with multiple intervals in which you meet your Anaerobic Zone, Nina’s class is for you. Her playlists come second to none, filled with young and fresh upbeat hip-hop and pop songs and interlaced with a few “oldies-but-goodies.” Filled with jumps, hill climbs, sprints on a flat and hill, and modified jump intervals, the profiles of her rides really mix things up so that boredom is out of the question.

I selfishly want to give her a poor review so that none of you readers will go check her class out and make the line that much longer. But I can’t. Take a class for yourself, and you will be hooked. Her evident knowledge of health and fitness, emphasis on form and joint protection, and exciting ride profiles allow me to confidently give her a solid A rating.

Click here to see a full spinning schedule.

By Alexandria Kahmann

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