Sioux Zanne Messix


Sioux Zanne Messix

Name: Sioux Zanne Messix

Location: 54 ½ N 3rd Street

Hours: Tues-Sat, 12-7; Sun, 12-6

Contact Info: (215)928-9250

Website: look for link on

Walking into Sioux Zanne Messix, I felt as if I had been transported to different era. Glimmering pearl necklaces, lush fur coats, sparkling jeweled clutches, and adorable pill box hats surrounded me. I was in vintage heaven. Sioux Zanne Messix was opened by local Drexel grad Suzanne Messix and almost all of the merchandise in the store was created by Suzanne herself. She combines vintage and new pieces to craft marvelous one of a kind items. For example, she takes fur from old coats to fashion trendy evening bags. My favorite thing in the store is her champagne necklace made by using the tops of champagne bottles as a pendant and surrounding it with jewels. Because of her extraordinary innovation, Suzanne has built up a high profile client base over the past 16 years. The governor’s wife was in the store a few weeks ago looking for some earrings to wear to the White House! Don’t think, however, that her success has led her to raise her prices. Suzanne prides herself on offering reasonably priced, yet high quality merchandise. And there is ALWAYS a $10 rack! It’s completely affordable for a college student’s budget. I know exactly where I am going next time I want to get an unforgettable accessory.

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