Short vs. Long: Five Reasons to Make the Cut

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Short vs. Long: Five Reasons to Make the Cut

While looking at the split ends at the end of my braid during French class yesterday afternoon, I decided it was time for a haircut. I’m brave when it comes to changing my hair (instead of highlighting my hair like every other girl I knew in high school, I just bleached my whole head blonde), but I find that being willing to make a drastic, spontaneous change to my look offers lifestyle-changing rewards.

(5) Showering takes less time…

The longer hair is, the longer it takes to wash. Having hair to my shoulders means that I can hit my snooze button at least two more times in the morning.

(4) …and so does styling.

Blow-drying and straightening my curly hair can take upwards of half an hour for me, and my hair isn’t even that hard to manage. With shorter hair, I can be out the door in half the time and still look twice as good. And think of all the money I’ll save on styling products!

(3) It looks more professional.

Hair that isn’t straggly, frizzy, or wispy looks cleaner and gives off a more polished look. Who wants to hire someone whose hair even looks disorganized and stressed out?

(2) It highlights the face.

Super long hair pulls the eyes away from a pretty face. A shorter look can frame the features in a more flattering way (and my glasses look way cooler).

(1) It looks shinier, bouncier, and just generally healthier.

Due to heat styling, color treatment, and just general lack of attention to my hair, it had begun to look dull and flat. Hair grows more healthily if cut often, and getting rid of all those nasty ends makes it seem like I not only got a haircut, but also lowlights and a deep conditioning treatment. Not bad for thirty bucks.

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By Maggie Edkins

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