Sa Va


Sa Va

Name: Sa Va

Location: 1700 Sansom

Hours: Mon- Sat 10AM-8PM, Sun 12-5

Contact info: (215)587-0004


Category: Women’s Apparel and Accessories

Sa Va has to be one of the most intriguing and innovative boutiques in Philadelphia. Why? Because over 65% of the merchandise in the store is made by founder and designer Sarah Van Aken. Recently opened last August, nearly every piece of clothing is designed and crafted on the fourth floor of the store. Hoping to draw eco-friendly shoppers, the items made with organic and fair trade materials are marked on their tag. Most of the jeans and handbags come from other labels, such as Black Orchid, Chellerose, and La Boheme. This store is a perfect spot to find unique, high quality clothing at a reasonable price. Although it is a little too dressy for every day wear, anyone looking for business clothes with an edgy, trendy flair should make stop at this exciting new Rittenhouse Square feature.

Maja Warrum

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