Restaurant Review: Max Brenner is Philly’s answer to Willy’s Wonka Chocolate Factory


Restaurant Review: Max Brenner is Philly’s answer to Willy’s Wonka Chocolate Factory

Are you a chocoholic? Is Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory your ideal vacation spot? Well then search no more. I have found the answer to your dreams: Max Brenner. Max Brenner’s restaurant is a haven for dessert lovers. Designed to be a “fashion boutique” for chocolate, this place offers everything from Gooey Marshmallow Fudge Brownie Fluffernutter Ice Cream Sandwiches to Banana Split Waffles to Warm Chocolate Soup! As far as the crepes and waffles go, I suggest trying Hazelnut Cream Crepe, which is served with an additional cup of sauce if just one isn’t enough. And if you’re wondering if your sweet tooth is way out of its league, Max Brenner does has a wide selection of delicious sandwiches, salads, and pizza.)

Although the restaurant is quaint and charming, it does not lend itself well to large groups. Also, the service has been slow and unfriendly on every trip. The quality and uniqueness of the food, however, compensate for the less than desirable ambiance. If you love chocolate as much as I do, don’t miss your chance to explore Philadelphia’s very own Willy Wonka Factory!

Overwhelmed by the menu? For all those who agonize, wanting just about every single item, here’s a quick guide to ordering just the right thing for your frame of mind:

For those with adventurous tastes:  Nostalgic Pop Rock Candy Chocolate Lick. Although it sounds a little strange, the tingly feeling of the pop rocks covering the candy tickles your tongue as you eat the little chocolate truffles.

If you have a seriously high sugar tolerance: the Chocolate Pizza, a tantalizing concoction covered with rich milk chocolate, marshmallows, and toasted hazelnuts.

For those who want to stick to the classics: “heart cakes,” tiny chocolate cakes filled with your choice of sauce: white chocolate, strawberry, marshmallow, caramel, anything.

The ladies (or gents) who lunch: it’s always fun to split one of the fondue combos.

Craving a shake? : the Eighties Milkshake, which shouldn’t be ordered with another dessert because it is deceptively filling. Another word of warning, only order the Peanut Butter Iced Chockie if you truly love peanut butter because the flavor can be overwhelming.

Fighting the freezing Philly winter?: warm up with the Dark Chocolat or the Melting Marshmallow Hot Chocolate.

For those who want more than dessert: The Spicy Chicken & 3 Cheese Pizza has just enough kick to keep it interesting. Don’t miss the savory Margherita Panini. Skip the Creamy Spinach & Artichoke Fondue as an appetizer- it’s nothing compared to the dinners or desserts. If you are looking for something lighter, order the Asian Chicken & Soba Noodle Salad.

-Maja Warrum

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