Mwah! Valentine’s Day Products for Every Day

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Mwah! Valentine’s Day Products for Every Day

We at the WALK cannot get enough of Feb. 14th. We are petitioning for an extension. Take these looks with you throughout February. Heck! Take them through March, April, May…. well, you get the idea. Enjoy!

Raisinberry Le Lipstique LipColouring Stick with Brush, $23.50,

Love & Beauty Button Mirror, $0.50,

Nail polish by h&m,

Crazed Blush by NARS Cosmetics,$25,

OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection, Off with Her Red! OPI Nail Polish, $5.25,

Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection Fusion Soft Lights, $30,

Tarina Tarantino Kapinki Brush, $38,

LUSH Love Soap, $3.95,

Medium Valentine’s Day Cosmetic Case, $75,

Love Stinks Soap, $8,

By Janey Goldberg

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