Getting in Touch With Your “Sexy Side” : Zumba Class at Pottruck

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Getting in Touch With Your “Sexy Side” : Zumba Class at Pottruck

Orange drawstring cargo pants. Cropped top. Slicked ponytail on top of her head—as high as possible may I add. It my sound like I just described Melanie C. from the Spice Girls, but Mel’s moves wouldn’t even compare to Dara’s—the instructor of Pottruck’s Friday night Zumba class. I was a little skeptical of her when she first walked into the girl-filled room (with the exception of two rhythmless fraternity pledges), but she quickly showed me what it means to “move.” Zumba is a great class for anyone looking for an hour to de-stress and burn a couple hundred calories without feeling like you’re actually working out. Dara’s goal is to get you in touch with your “sexy side” as you follow her innovative and slightly quirky, yet easily picked up routines. By the end of the class you will have surely broken a sweat, worked off dessert from the night before, and, most importantly, found that “bootylicious” side of yourself in a comfortable, light-hearted, judgment-free atmosphere.

Physical Exertion: 2/5 stars

Fun: 5/5 stars

Teacher Quality: 5/5 stars

Alexandria Kahmann

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