Get Beach Ready with Body Pump at Pottruck

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Get Beach Ready with Body Pump at Pottruck

Adorned in neon pink and green leg warmers, off the shoulder tees, short-shorts and sweatbands, Carla, Portia, and Matt, the three instructors for Friday night’s 6:15 Body Pump Class (Portia and Matt were accompanying Carla as instructors-in-training), came out with energy and verve that did not dwindle for the rest of the class. This 60-minute total body strengthening class provides a fun, up-beat environment for those looking to build some lean muscle using multiple repetitions with your own chosen weight-load. Carla did a great job of keeping everyone motivated while doing an uncountable number of squats, “skull-crackers,” bicep curls, and crunches. The instructors, though, could have been slightly more focused on correct form and positioning. That being said, Body Pump provides a high-energy environment to get toned and complete those weight-lifting exercises you may otherwise avoid. For all those soon-to-be spring breakers out there, get in this class to firm up those abs and arms and work towards those buns of steel you want to flaunt on the beach.

Instructor quality: 3.5/5 stars

Physical exertion: 2/5 stars

Fun: 4/5 stars

By Allie Kahmann

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