For that boyfriend you just started dating.


For that boyfriend you just started dating.

So its your boyfriend’s birthday and you’ve been dating for two weeks. Awkward? Extremely. But we’ve got your back.

  • Snuggie– For any of those nights you just cant be there.
  • Kindle– Sure, the IPad is coming out, but the Kindle is still pretty cool, and he won’t get distracted by Facebook.
  • Tickets to his favorite show or sporting event- There’s nothing he likes more than spending time with you.
  • Photobook– Put together a collection of pictures of both you and your friends to capture your relationship.

Michelle Flesh

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  1. Alex G

    From the guy perspective, these gifts are perfect! If he is into sports at all, which is nearly every one of us, go for the sports tickets. I love getting out and going to a nice Phillies game at night with Nicole any night over any material good. The memories and experience last a lot longer than a gift. However, it may be awkward for a new couple. My experiences are from PHillies, Yankees, and Giants games and concerts after we dated for 1 year out of the 3 so far. Definitely avoid if you do not have a lot in common though bc it could make for an awkward 4 hours! haha.

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