DO’s and DON’T’S of Super Bowl Sunday Eating

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DO’s and DON’T’S of Super Bowl Sunday Eating

With Superbowl Sunday on its way, those new years resolutions of eating healthfully and losing weight are more than likely to be ruined. I’m not here to tell you to steer clear of the buffalo wings, sliders, and pigs in a blanket and stick to the crudités, because honestly, how many of us have that much discipline?! If you do have that discipline – read no further and stick with the veggies! But, if you don’t, then follow these tips I like to go by…

If you need to eat those buffalo wings and other Superbowl Sunday staples, try to go for portion control! While watching the game (and commercials!), we are likely to start that unconscious eating where that constant hand motion into the snack bowls is completely mindless. To stop this mindless eating, take a zip-loc snack bag or small plastic plate and fill it at the beginning of the game with foods that you know you are going to want (but don’t pile up the foods! Try to keep the portions under control). If you stick to the contents of the bag, you will cut down on hundreds of calories and grams of fat and most importantly, you will cut down on mindless eating!

If the bag idea doesn’t do it for you, try these tips:

By Danielle Greenberg

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