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Weekday Nails

I heard faint murmurs of a legend that seemed too good to be true, rumors that shook me to my very core and tested my rationality: high quality mani/pedis for under $30 here in Philadelphia?! I dismissed this as a myth and went on with my life paying around $45 to get my polish on. That was until a friend took me to Central Nails (1535 Chestnut Street). Though I passed the establishment regularly on cab rides downtown, I had never been inside, usually preferring its ritzier, and pricier neighbor, Rittenhouse Nails (1742 Sansom). Yet, I was pleasantly surprised when I entered and discovered this quiet, but clean establishment, where no reservation was necessary. Central Nails had a wide selection of Essie colors (though if you’re an OPI girl I would recommend bringing your own) and plenty of magazines to peruse. Overall, the service was great, and the manicurists were friendly.  However, it was the price that really blew me away. Philadelphia salons’ best kept secret is Central Nail’s weekday special—$25 for a manicure and pedicure Monday through Wednesday!!  What better way to get over the “Mondays” then a little pampering? For those who end class early, great, inexpensive nails are just a short walk (or cab ride) away.

By Stephanie Ghitis

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