Top Ten Healthy Snacks on Penn’s Campus

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Top Ten Healthy Snacks on Penn’s Campus

The holidays are rarely a waistline’s friend, but that is what New Year’s resolutions are all about. If you are trying to get a little healthier in 2010, then look no further. Here’s a list of the top ten healthy snacks in and around Penn’s campus… Just don’t eat everything at once!

1. ABP Portions
Au Bon Pain recently introduced a new line of prepared foods called “Portions” that all clock in at under 200 calories. With 14 varieties ranging from a Mediterranean chickpea salad to pesto chicken, these portions are great protein-filled snacks to get you through the day.
200 calories or less

2. Yogachips
Whether you are studying hard in Van Pelt or just hanging around Houston, this new addition to Bon Appetit’s snack repertoire provides a sweet crunch of apple crisps in a variety of flavors. My favorite? The caramel Yogachips – the sweet caramel and apple flavors reminds me of the caramel apples from amusement parks.
35 calories

3. Pop Chips
You may be missing your Soy Crisps at Houston this year (though you can still find them in Williams), but not for long!  Once you try these new Pop Chips you will be saying goodbye to Soy Crisps. Several flavors and only 100 calories a bag, these chips have us seriously hooked.
100 calories

4. Saxby’s Frozen Yogurt
Penn’s campus has been invade by frozen yogurt. Though the competition is stiff, Saxby’s edges out its competitors. Not only are its plain and chocolate flavors some of the best around Philadelphia, but its portioned out preventing the calorie overload that can often occur at self-serve places like Sprinkles.
100 calories (small)

5. Fruit Cart
Hands down one of the best things about living in the quad. Customize your own fruit salad year-round. The one at 37th street beats other fruit carts in freshness and quality.  Best bet: go for the berries, watermelon, and grapefruit – all low in calories, fat, and carbs.
About 150 calories

6. Apple and Peanut Butter from Wawa
You can be certain that the protein in the peanut butter and the fiber in the apple will keep you full. However, be sure to remember – peanut butter is loaded with calories and fat, so make sure you have portion control when dipping the apples and try not to use that entire container of PB.
340 calories

7.  Edamame at Houston
If you’re craving a little salt with plenty of protein, look no further than the Japanese snack edamame. At just 100 calories for half a cup, these soybeans in a pod will help fuel you through your day. The added effort of getting the beans out of the shell will also slow down your intake, so you’ll be more in tune to your fullness, and stop eating sooner.

8. Metro Granola
This local bakery has yet to churn out anything bad, and their granola, in a multitude of flavors, is no exception.
130 calories a serving

9. Yogurt Parfait at Einstein
Fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola come packaged together at Einstein Bagels. Perfect for breakfast or a light snack.
Under 200 calories

10. Hummus and Pretzel Chips
One of the best new additions to both Houston and Mark’s Café has to be the individual sized Sabra Hummus with Pretzel Crisps To Go. It has a slightly higher calorie and fat count, but it’s healthy and will last while cramming in Van Pelt.
245 calories

Melissa Goldstein


  1. Jamie

    Thanks for saying where to get everything. Thats really helpful. Although Saxby’s is only healthy if you dont put in a million of the candy toppings. So stick to fruit!

  2. foodie

    too true about einsteins the yogurt parfait, like the secret indie alternative to the overhyped regular houston parfait- it tastes so much better and is cheaper too!

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