Despite the hilarity of the “really. tights are not pants” campaign, I have to disagree. I’m in love with my leggings, which, I think, are the unquestionable superior replacement to jeans. I’m all about my legs. As great as skinny jeans are, they just can’t beat my beloved leggings at being form-fitting – thus, giving me a body and showing off said body. Did I mention the comfort?

While the “really. tights are not pants” manifesto denounces tights and leggings as “TMI,” I’d say that’s an error on the part of the individual. Just like some people just don’t know how to edit or to accessorize successfully, some just aren’t yet aware enough of the fabric and the make of their leggings to realize if they’re doing an inappropriate peek-a-boo and revealing more than they should, but that’s definitely not an adequate reason to snub the trend altogether. (see some of my favorite leggings below)

Admit it – leggings are fabulous. Just think big-picture. How about a throwback to Fashion Week 2007 when Marni introduced a men’s line of leggings? Think of the epic success of the signature American Apparel style and kova&T’s edgy assortment of leggings galore (shiny, print, leather, lace – you name it).

Whatever excuses you may think of, save your breath. Like Gaga said, about the pant-less look, “It’s graphic, and it’s an art.” Like most art, you can like/dislike it, but, whatever your personal opinion and despite an entire campaign against this fashion choice, leggings are going to stay.

Here are a few of my favorite leggings:

Catherine M. Hsu

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