Brand Spotlight: Lippmann Collection Nail Polish

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Brand Spotlight: Lippmann Collection Nail Polish

When it comes to fashion and beauty, sometimes the best goods require a splurge.  Take Lippmann Collection nail polishes, for example.  Created by renowned celebrity manicurist and editorial manicurist Deborah Lippmann, each bottle costs $16-18 a pop.  Sounds crazy, I know—especially on a college student’s budget. But if you’re prepared to indulge, these polishes are worth every penny.

They’re made well, for starters.  Lippmann’s celebrity clients and fans praise her polishes as durable and long lasting.  And the colors are simply unmatched by any brand you’ll find in the CVS aisle.  The line includes a variety of hues and styles, from classic, creamy solids (like Constant Craving, a perfect pastel lavender color) to shimmery, iridescent shades that are uniquely futuristic.  Perhaps most notable are the glitter polishes, like the aptly named Ruby Red Slippers, which are guaranteed to attract attention and glam up any simple ensemble.

My personal favorite Lippmann polish is Happy Birthday, a new multicolored glitter polish that has fashion writers oohing and ahhing across cyberworld.  I was in Douglas Cosmetics just a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon it, and my jaw literally dropped.  I bought it on the spot—I couldn’t resist, despite the high price—and I don’t regret my purchase one bit.  It’s the ideal glitzy party polish; it doesn’t chip easily, and it’s earned me compliments from nearly all of my friends as well as a few admiring strangers.  I give Birthday Party, and the rest of the Lippmann collection, two enthusiastic (and glittery) thumbs up.

Lippmann polish in Happy Birthday

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  1. Jen

    This is ahhhmazing! I wish I had seen this before christmas. I know what is on my wish list for next year!

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